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As Managing Director at Blumberg Capital, a US based Venture Capital firm from SF, with $700M under management, I invested in exciting startup companies such as, Credorax, , Fundbox, Yotpo, ZooZ, Namogoo, Cyvera, FeeX, Insights, Apester, and more. Lifshits also serves ob the board of most of these companies, helping the companies to fulfill their short and long terms goals. 


I recognize that in this fast moving and highly competitive world, one needs to move fast, and I believe in my instincts. So when I see a deal I want – I go for it, while keeping a win win situation. The companies I have invested in will tell you I believe in a cooperative board, moving forward as  one unit, and not in the ‘my way or the high way’ thinking many investors have.


I read all the time and remains up to date with the most relevant worldwide technological trends, I do realize however, that the entreprenuers understand their business and space better than I do, and I listen and learn just a much as I teach and influence. I like taking risks, because I believe in the risk reward model of the investment world, and many of my investments where such that other investors turned down (and later regretted doing so).




Technology Scouting


I’m extremely well connected in the Israeli tech scene, having worked it for the past 18 years from the young age of 22 (which make me 40 yrs old!). as such back in 2006, I woke up to an email from a nice gentleman  named Mike Hodgson from British Telecom, one of world's largest Telcom’s. He needed help covering the Israeli tech  market (new assignment for him) – I flew to London and the rest is history as they say – been representing BT in Israel ever since (now enetering the 11th year) acting as their eyes and ears on the ground in Israel. 


My past tech scouting clients include Softbank, Internix and Fujitsu from Japan, Vodafone group (UK based) and others. 


For the past 2 year's I’ve been working with IAG in Israel, one of the largest aviation groups in the world (group includes BA, Iberia, Vueling, Air Lingus and 2 cargo companies). 


So what do I do while hunting for those great Israeli start-ups in behalf of my clients?

- Weeklong road shows 

- Ongoing, exclusive deal flow of relevant companies from various sectors

- Monthly reports describing trends, deals, pressing industry news and insider information on upcoming start-ups and            technology. 

- Raising the client profile in the Israeli market via lectures, press events and interviews, and meetings with the most                established venture capitalist firms. 

And more…


But the most important aspect of my work with these giants, is offering ‘behind the scenes’ info on what really goes in the companies they like – product status, management quality, money in the bank, clients. etc. Cause in the startup world, what you see in not always what you end up getting.



Business Development


Back in 2004, after 7 yrs working at the Israeli tech market, it was very obvious to me that Israeli companies have amazing tech, but lack sales and marketing skills and fall short on execution. I established Sales Gate International (SGI), which was essentially an outsourced Sales company that focused on helping Israeli companies expand into Europe and Japan. I travelled the world, hiring people (20-30 years older than me) with CxO background in Telco’s, channels and large enterprises. These professionals worked with my clients helping them through the complex sales process of the most prestige accounts. Then I moved to representing very large Japanese companies in Europe, with clients such as NTT, Sony and others, growing their business in Europe.


I worked with more than a 100 companies in SGI, learnt all about technology sales, expanding, team work and management quality.


All these will prove essential throughout my career.


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